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While The Ota Initiative brings in foreign volunteers and teaching methods, we do not bring in foreign supplies, choosing instead to make all of our purchases locally. This allows us to invest money in Karagwe’s economy while simultaneously keeping the cost of running our programs low. In total, we run seven weeks of programming a year on less than $3,000, meaning the cost per student breaks down to just $120 a year or $60 per program.


In America, $60 is a dinner date or a pair of shoes. For the students of The Ota Initiative, $60 is several weeks of hands-on learning that will help them develop the self-confidence, creativity, and critical thinking skills they need to succeed inside and outside of the classroom. Consider sponsoring a student in our next program and giving them the opportunity to engage in arts-and-science, leadership, and English-language training. Consider the effect $60 can have in the life of a child.  


If sponsoring a student is not in your budget, know that any donation  is important. With such a small, tight budget, $10 will actually make a difference. Every dollar donated goes directly to our classroom in Tanzania, and every dollar is needed. However you are able to give, thank you for your support!

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