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Off to Tanzania

As you are reading this, I am somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean flying back to Tanzania with Ota‘s first group of student volunteers from West Virginia University. These 12 students will spend the next four weeks volunteering with a variety of local community groups in Kayanga, including Ota. As this is the first time Ota will be hosting volunteers, we were able to find a little extra room in the budget for me to fly back and oversee the start of their service project. I will only be in Kayanga for a week, but I will be busy during that time working with our staff and the students to get them ready for Ota‘s fourth program this spring. I am thrilled to go back and visit old friends, but I am especially happy that I will be present to help usher in this exciting new era of The Ota Initiative.

This will be a short update for now, but look for more news from me over the next weeks as the WVU students and Ota‘s teachers learn and work together to execute Ota‘s most dynamic program yet.

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