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Celebrating Christmas in Karagwe

​​We are excited to announce that we have reached our fundraising goal for this winter – thank you everyone who donated! We raised $840 just this past weekend alone at our annual Christmas in Karagwe fundraiser. Our supporters once again turned up and turned out their pockets to help ensure our students have another great school break program.

This year’s fundraiser was especially festive as it included an ugly Christmas sweater contest. From a purple fuzzy penguin outfit, to neon green Fresh Prince of Bel Air sweater, to a mock neck sweater outfit inspired by every early 90s mom, our guests were looking great. When people donated, they voted for their favorite sweater, and the person with the most money donated in their name was declared the winner. And what was the winner’s prize? Why an ugly sweater, of course! It was a raucously good time and we reached our fundraising goal, so the night was clearly a success.

With our curriculum finalized and funds raised, all we have left is to wait for the program to start. Luckily, we don’t have long to wait. Our group leader training seminar is next week, and I look forward to sharing good news from our session with you. Until then, enjoy a wonderful weekend and thank you again for your support.

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