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Gearing Up for Our Sixth Program

Last blog we shared the sad news about a fire destroying most of Kayanga’s market. The community is coming together to help those effected, but the road to recovery will be a slow one. This time around, I would like to start off with some happier news – several of our group leaders who have been with us since our first program in December 2013 recently graduate high school! Please join me in congratulating them on this important accomplishment. I know they will continue to work hard and succeed in all their future studies as well. They don’t know yet where they will be this upcoming year, but I hope wherever they end up will be close enough for them to come back and work with Ota again in December. For this June at least, all of our group leaders will return to help head teacher Pontian run another dynamic program for 25 students. Our program will once again focus on the human body, and students will further explore how the body works and what it needs to function properly. This will include sessions on nutrition, good hygiene, and exercise. We will also continue to provide students with porridge and fruit every morning to reinforce the importance of eating balanced meals. Along with giving students a better understanding of scientific topics covered in Tanzania’s national syllabus, these activities will help students develop habits to keep their bodies healthy and strong. Now that our science syllabus is completed, we are creating the English portion of our curriculum so we can continue developing students’ writing and speaking abilities. We are also focusing on raising the funds we need to run this upcoming program. As in all of our previous programs, this session of The Ota Initiative will cost just $60 per student, and I hope you will consider clicking on that nice red “Donate” button in the upper-right corner of this webpage. Following up on our very successful December fundraiser, Christmas in Karagwe, we are going to host another party and silent auction in D.C. on May 21. Connect with us to receive an invitation to the fundraiser and more information on this June’s upcoming program delivered straight to your inbox.

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